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Computers, tablets, mobile devices, and countless other gadgets are making their way into most people’s lives more and more every day. Unfortunately, the problems that can arise with technology are almost as ubiquitous as the technology itself. That’s why we offer individuals & businesses a wide-range of in-house and remote IT support services -whether your old desktop needs a hardware diagnostic, or you need to set up and secure your new home wi-fi network, we can help!

Virus & Malware Removal

We can help with the removal and prevention of computer viruses, malware, and spyware from infected computers, as well as the removal of adware and bloatware comes pre-installed on many new PCs.

Hardware Diagnostics

Comprehensive hardware diagnostics for PC or Mac laptops & desktops. This helps to solve problems with overheating, general slowness, worrisome noises, or simply a computer that is not working properly.

Network Setup & Security

We do complete network setup and wireless security configuration for home networks as well as small businesses. We can also build custom wired or wireless networks that suit your specific needs.

Data Recovery Services

If you accidentally delete files from your computer, or your cameras memory card, we may be able to help you recover them! We can also help recover files from broken, or noisy failing hard drives that are clicking.

Tune-Ups & Optimization

Sometimes slow computers have plenty of life left, they just need some TLC and a tune-up. We love bringing new life to old machines, and we won’t try to sell hardware upgrades unless they’re absolutely necessary.

Parts & Screen Replacement

Sometimes it’s clear what the problem is -a keyboard key is missing, a screen is cracked, or a fan is making a nasty noise. We’ll help you find the best price for a replacement part, and we’ll install it at an affordable rate.

Parental Control & Web Filtering

Protect your children from explicit or dangerous content on their devices and your entire home network. We’ll go over the options that will best suit your needs and filter out the content you select.

Custom Built Desktops

We build powerful, affordable custom PCs for individuals and small businesses (and yes, we also build custom-built Macs). We use only the best, most-reliable parts and we guarantee our PCs.

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